My first year in pictures

Peter Fenton

29th December 2010

Today me and dad got up and instead of going to Wendy’s house dad took me with him to work. We arrived early and opened up before the staff arrived, I helped dad telling everyone what to do and arranging the work for the day. I wasnt really sure what was going on but dad seemed to be in control of things. I walked round with dad then decided I would leave him to it so went for a nap in his office.
We finished early and went to meet mum for a few drinks in the pub.

This is me helping dad on the computer.



7th September 2010

Today we went to our last baby sensory class. I really enjoyed it and was sad that it was our last one, but we are starting rhythm and rhyme classes next week, which I am looking forward to! We then went to meet mummy’s friend, Anna for a coffee and then met up with our friends from baby club.

This is me wearing my new shoes




6th September 2010

September 6

Today me and mummy went to meet Nigel and Hannah for lunch. They were meant to come and see me yesterday for my christening but got stuck in lots of traffic on the way down, so I was in bed by the time they got here! Me and mummy were feeling very tired after yesterday so in the afternoon we had a long cuddle on the sofa!

This is me relaxing whilst mummy cleared up from my christening yesterday!



5th September 2010

Today was my christening day! I went to the church and the priest poured water on my head! We then came back to our house and there were lots of people here. It was a lovely sunny day and everyone was out in the garden. It was so lovely to have everyone here and everyone wanted to play with me! I didn’t want to go to bed today as I didn’t want to miss out on anything, but in the end I was exhausted and fell asleep drinking my milk!

This is me with all my cousins in the church at my christening.



4th September 2010

Today, Uncle Jim, Auntie Nina, Finn, Uncle Dave, Auntie Annys, Uncle Ben and Dougie came up to see us. It was really lovely to see everyone. Mummy, daddy, Auntie Katherine and Auntie Nina were really busy making all the food for my christening tomorrow, so Grandma and Grandad and Uncle Jim took me, Finn, Dougie and Zack to the park. I had another go on the swing and Grandad had a camera this time, so could take a picture.

This is me on the swing.



3rd September 2010

Today, Grandma and Grandad, Auntie Katherine and Zack came up to see us ready for my christening on Sunday. We all had lunch together and then we went to the park. I had my first go on the swing, but no-one had brought a camera with them, so they couldn’t take a picture! I also learnt how to wave today so practiced by waving at everyone!

This is me playing with my toys before everyone arrived



2nd September 2010

Today me and mummy went to see mummy’s friend, Marie-Claire in Stafford. She is due to have a baby soon and I can’t wait to meet the new baby. We had a lovely time and went for a walk around Stafford. Mummy and Marie-Claire had a milkshake in the sun, I really wanted to have one too, but mummy said that I was still too young. When we got back, we met up with daddy and went shopping to get all the food for my christening on Sunday.

This is me chilling out when we got back.




30th July 2010

Today me and mummy went to see mummy’s friend Nic and her boyfriend Barrie at their house in Poynton. It was really nice to see them as we haven’t seen them for a while. Barry cooked us a lovely lunch.

This is me hanging out with mums friends.


29th July 2010

Today me and mummy met up with some of our friends and went to the Sure Start Childrens Centre in Heaton Mersey to find out what activities we could do, but we got there too late and the lady running it had gone home! So we went up to the clinic and I got weighed. I weigh 16lb 1oz now and I am 69cm long!

This is me chilling out in my car seat reading my book.


28th July 2010

Today me and mummy had a quiet relaxing day and we went for a walk in the village. We then went to meet daddy from work and we went to Costco (the land of the giants) so mummy and daddy could look at what food they might buy for my christening party.

This is me sitting in a trolley for the first time.