My first year in pictures


Dad is still working on my new blog page but it’s almost finished, he is also making a short film from the last year which should be ready in a few days.
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11th December 2010

Today me and dad took mum to the train station as she is going to London for the weekend, dad said she was going on the lash but I dont know what that means. We waved mum off then we headed home to start on a few jobs dad needs to do on the house. The first job was to take of the front door and fit some new hindges and strip the paint off ready to repaint it. Dad added some new security features and some new door furniture.
It was a tough day so at tea time I was very tired, we sent a few pictures to mum then it was time for bed.

This is me having my bath


20th July 2010

Today me and mummy walked into Heaton Moor and went to baby sensory. Afterwards we went for lunch with Kerry and Florence. It was nice and sunny when we left the house in the morning but it rained all the way home. I was ok as mummy put the rain cover on my pram, but mummy got very wet!


3rd May 2010

Today, me, mummy, daddy, liz, dean and beth went for a 10 mile walk in Monyash. Daddy carried me all the way round and I loved looking at all the trees and flowers. When we got back daddy and Uncle Ant had to drive a long way to go and buy a car that they had seen, so me and mummy went round to see Aunty Jane.

This is me and daddy on our walk.


2nd April 2010

I woke up this morning at Grandma and Grandad’s house in Kent. Mummy and Daddy tricked me and drove through the night to get here.

This is me with my two cousins Dougie and Zack, I have not seen them see we all went on safari last month.

Tonight my other cousin will arrive from Nottingham


ps my shocked look is from Zack trying to strangle me…