My first year in pictures


Mia’s Diary 15th May 2011

I haven’t slept much in the last few days so today I spent most of the day catching up on my sleep. When I finally got up me and dad went over to grandma’s for Sunday lunch.

This is me ringing grandad on the sat-phone as my toy phone didnt work.



Mia’s Diary 14th May 2011

Today dad had to spend some time in work so he dropped me off at grandads for the morning, me and grandad played some games early on and then I had my nap. I had such a long nap when I woke up mum had arrived to pick me up.
Me and mum then spent the afternoon together.

This is me washing my hair before bed.


Mia’s Diary 13th May 2011

Today me and mum went to our Friday morning Rhythm and Rhyme class. I think secretly mum likes it more than me. I was lead drummer again and we played some great songs.
I had the rest of my injections this morning so I have a body full of disease for the next few days while my system works out how to protect me. I was a very brave girl and didn’t even cry.
This is me having my bath.



Mia’s Diary 12th May 2011

Today I got up early with dad and we went over to see grandad. Dad dropped me off then went off to work.
Me and grandad spent the day playing and I was showing him how good I am at walking now.
I didn’t have s afternoon nap so when dad picked me up I was very tired.

This is me sat on the table at grandmas



Mia’s Diary 11th May 2011

I went over to spend the day with grandma and grandad today, I haven’t seen much of them recently as I have been spending some time with dad.
I have come on a lot since my last set of pictures, I can now walk all by myself. I prefer to walk holding on to mum or dads hand but I can get around now quite well, I have the odd fall but im not doing bad.
I have got a few more words I can now say, in the last few weeks I have been saying “Bye Bye” and a good one I have learnt is when its tea time I keep saying “More” and I get extra food.

This is me trying on grandad’s slippers.

Mia’s Diary 10th May 2011

Today mums friend came over to see us and we all went out to for the day, I got to see some friends we haven’t seen for a few weeks which was nice. I have spent a lot of time with dad over the last few weeks so it was nice to have a day with mum.

This is me trying on my new trainers.


Mia’s Diary 9th May 2011

Today me and dad went out to clean his motorbike he wanted to do it since getting bike from his biking holiday a few weeks back. I told him I would help him so we went to the garage with some water and sponges.

This is me having my milk after a hard day cleaning.


Mia’s Diary 8th May 2011

I have had to have a word with dad about my diary. Nearly two months behind just isnt good enough so he has been told it is his last chance to sort it out.
I did agree to let him just start from this week as he said it was a really big job to try to fill in two months worth.

Mia’s Diary March 13th 2011

Im feeling slightly better today so all going well I will be ok on the plane. Me and mum are away for a week now so mum has to take my pictures (she normally forgets) dad will ring her each day to remind her to take my picture.

This is me about to board the plane at Manchester Airport.


Mia’s Diary 12th March 2011

Today we all thought as was getting better but I have started to come out in a rash and I have still been ill all day.

Mum is worried now as we are flying tomorrow so I need to be ok for that.

This is me trying some food, I didnt have much and what I had came straight back 😦