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Mia’s Diary 23rd May 2011

Today I woke up and Grandma and Grandad had drove up during the night from Kent. It’s been a few weeks since I last saw them so it was a nice surprise to see them at breakfast.
We spent the day together and we drove over too a local farm where you could play with the animals. When we got there it didnt have many animals but it was still nice to get out with grandma and grandad.

This is me catching a ride with postman Pat



Mia’s Diary 22nd May 2011

Having tea


Mia’s Diary 21st May 2011

Dad has got a new app on his phone. No idea what an app is but dad’s got one. he can take a few pictures side by side then the app thingy stitches them together. Im all confused but dad seems to know what he is doing.
This is me and mum when we went to a friends BBQ. Dad will try more pictures like this over the next few days.


Mia’s Diary 20th May 2011

Today me and mum went to our Friday class of rhythm and rhyme I had a really nice time, dad popped over to meet us but he just missed us as we had already left and gone to meet the girls in the bar. We had a nice time with the girls before heading home to see dad.

This is me having my milk.


Mia’s Diary 19th May 2011

Today me and grandad spent the day together playing games and watching Fireman Sam.
In the afternoon we took grandma to the park so she could play on the swings. I tried to push her but im not big enough yet so grandma pushed me on the swing.
When we got back to their house grandad made me a new hat which im not to sure about, I think it just loks like a big envelope on my head.


Mia’s Diary 18th May 2011

Today I went to the Blue Planet with auntie Jane and uncle Ant we spent the day looking at lots of different animals most of them I had never seen before.
I saw a big shark and a piranha

This is me chatting to a big fish.


Mia’s Diary May 17th 2011

Today me and mum went to the big pet store in town, it has a massive amount of animals to look at its almost like going to the Zoo its that big.
I asked if I could have one as a pet but mum said no, she said we dont need one as we can just pop down here to see them.
We tried to get out to the park later on but it didnt stop raining today so we didnt get to the park.

This is me getting my shoes ready for going out.


Mia’s Diary May 16th 2011

Today I went shopping with Grandad, I almost persuaded him to buy me some new shoes but in the end he said I had to wait.
I will try him again later in the week and see if I can make him give in.

This is me trying to watch Postman Pat before bed but dad kept getting in my way.. as you can see I just ignored him.


Mia’s Diary 15th May 2011

I haven’t slept much in the last few days so today I spent most of the day catching up on my sleep. When I finally got up me and dad went over to grandma’s for Sunday lunch.

This is me ringing grandad on the sat-phone as my toy phone didnt work.


Mia’s Diary 14th May 2011

Today dad had to spend some time in work so he dropped me off at grandads for the morning, me and grandad played some games early on and then I had my nap. I had such a long nap when I woke up mum had arrived to pick me up.
Me and mum then spent the afternoon together.

This is me washing my hair before bed.